Get Connected 2.0

At United Way of Southeast Alaska, our mission is to address individual needs and improve lives by organizing the caring and collaborative power of our communities in Southeast Alaska.  For that reason, United Way of Southeast Alaska is providing a volunteer engagement tool to our partner agencies free of charge to foster engagement and volunteerism in communities across Southeast Alaska. This interactive tool is called Get Connected.

Get Connected is a tool that connects regional non-profit organizations and volunteers in order to make things happen across communities. This tool allows organizations to introduce themselves and explain their mission and goals for the community. In addition, organizations can post opportunities for volunteers. Such opportunities may include tutoring, coaching, or childcare services. Similarly, volunteers are able to create their own profiles and then seek out opportunities based on their interests or based on organizations with which they are familiar. Volunteers are able to become fans of organizations and share their favorite organizations with friends on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+. 

Originally, Get Connected launched by United Way of Southeast Alaska in 2012. This year, Get Connected has undergone an upgrade and is now better than ever. Get Connected 2.0 is now mobile friendly, which makes it easier for volunteers to engage in the community and participate in events. 

"Think of it as a dating service between regional non-profit organizations and individuals in specific communities who would like to get involved in something they believe in or that interests them," says Wayne Stevens, President and CEO of United Way of Southeast Alaska.  "If we can tell the story of an agency and get people passionate about what that agency does, then we can get people engaged.  There are lots of people out there willing to get involved and give back, but they're not sure how to get started.  Get Connected helps both sides of the equation."

Is your organization on Get Connected? If not, you can sign up by clicking here . After inputting basic contact information for your organization you can begin to build a profile for your organization and create volunteer opportunities to share across Southeast Alaska. 

If your organization has used Get Connected in the past but no longer has access to the tool due to staff transitions, change of email, etc., contact us at We are happy to answer any questions and address any concerns in order to get your organization reconnected to this tool and utilizing it to your benefit.

To search for volunteer opportunities in your community, click here. Create an account and start searching for volunteer opportunities near you.