Local Frequency App - First Year in Review

Round up your change with Local FrequencyAs of December 31st, Local Frequency had 1,021 users on the app (and growing). These users are locally-minded people who understand the importance of buying local, and they are rewarded with Local Dollars earned using the app as well as offers by businesses. Imagination Station offers 10 Local Dollars when you spend $100, and Coppa offers from 3%-10% cashback when you pay with Local Dollars.

The Local Frequency app’s “Local Change” feature also allows users to round up their purchases to donate to their favorite nonprofits while earning rewards for shopping at locally owned businesses.

Over the holidays a considerable number of Local Frequency Gift Cards were purchased, and recently the first large order was purchased for Legislator welcome baskets by the Alaska Committee. Local Gift Cards are gaining traction in the community, and a great way to support local!

Download the free app and get started rounding up your purchases and earning rewards today!